23 reasons
not to read We Descend
by Bill Bly

by Jan Van Looy

01.It costs $20
02.The only time you sense history is when you open the envelope
03.The interface reminds you of times you do not want to be
.....reminded of
04.We use more of our brain than We Descend of its medium
05.Its writing style is undetermined
06.It is implausible
07.It is not exactly visually stunning
08.It is barely longer than a novella
09.There is no suspense
10.The narrative voices are unconvincing
11.It is superficial
12.It is written in the philosophy of early hypertext theory
13.You have a PC
14.It is linear
15.It contains poetry
16.This is a man's world, but it would be nothing…
17.The plot smells funny
18.It is crammed with clichés
19.It lacks sense of time and temporality
20.You care for your eyes
21.It is too tedious to read it as a joke
22.It is incoherent
23.You have read this review (you know it has a happy ending)

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