by Loss Pequeño Glazier
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Electronic writing is not simply the e-equivalent of paper writing because writing that is electronic has different properties than writing that is on paper. Does a message carved into granite differ from one scratched into sand? One might be inclined to be slightly more taciturn in the former medium. The difference is in physical and material properties. The most interesting of these are not static properties (i.e., how many lines there are in the text or how many bytes it occupies) but properties that relate to the malleability of the electronic text. These are properties that inject the unpredictable into the work, always spinning away from its viewers and creators the way a listserv by nature spirals off-topic uncontrollably or the way that, since a page doesn't seem to display the way you intended, you just live with it. In order to achieve a better understanding of the dynamics of web-based hypertext, it is instructive to "read" such documents as electronic texts displayed and navigated through the medium of hypertext.

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