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The Making of
"The Famous Sound of Absolute Wreaders"

by Beat Suter and The Absolute Wreaders

The project "The Famous Sound of Absolute Wreaders" is a cooperative work by six authors/readers for the radio-show "Kunstradio" of the Austrian broadcasting company ORF. Initiated by netart activist Johannes Auer it takes up a strategy which is participatory and intermedial on several levels.

The base of the project consists of six existing works of digital literature which served as a knowledge base for the six authors to create new texts. These texts were then edited by a human editor and a machine. And finally these edited texts have been sampled to a radio-show by two actors/wreaders. But the chain of events does not stop here: the six texts of the authors/readers are the material for six new works of digital literature of which at least three deal with visualization of text and metatext in the net-environment.

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