Nicolas Clauss' Art if I want
Aims, ingredients and history of an artistic-cultural project

by Laura Borràs Castanyer

The multimedia project De l’art si je veux (Art if I want), on line since December 2004, is led by the charismatic French artist Nicolas Clauss. The result is the response to a certain challenge and it shows an admirably balanced blend of freshness and profundity. The more one delves into the subtext of the work, the more convinced one becomes that Art if I want is a very special gem of digital creation and at the same time much more than one work of art. The challenge of this work consisted in creating a work of art out of an experience that is aesthetic and at the same time alive. The origin of the work is to be found in an experiment that the artist carried out accompanied by 8 teenagers (5 girls and 3 boys between 11 and 16 years old) from the des Sablons, district of Le Mans, a town that is famous for its 24-hour Grand Prix motor race. With this group of teenagers Clauss discussed the work of several modern artist such as Arman, Spoerri, Basquiat, Cattelan and Chapman, the Dinos brothers, Munch, Duchamp and Bacon. The paper describes this discussion about art and analyses its result as an own work of art.

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