The Art of Mapping Statistics

Interview with George Legrady

George Legrady is Professor of Interactive Media in the Media Arts & Technology Graduate program at UC Santa Barbara. His contribution to the digital media field since the early stages of its formation into a discipline in the early 1990’s has been in intersecting cultural content with data processing as a means of creating new forms of aesthetic representations and socio-cultural narrative experiences. Current projects at this time integrate algorithmic processes as a means to data visualization through semantic categorization and self-organizing systems, interactive art installations, and mixed realities collaborative narrative development. His digital interactive installations have been exhibited internationally most recently at Telic Gallery, Los Angeles (2006), BlackBox 06 at ARCO, Madrid (2006), the Cornerhouse Gallery, Manchester (2005), Museum of Contemporary Art Kiasma (2004), Ars Electronica (2003), DEAF03 (2003), San Francisco Museum of Modern Art (2002), Centre Georges Pompidou (2001), the National Gallery of Canada (1997) and others. He has received awards from Creative Capital Foundation, the Daniel Langlois Foundation for the Arts, Science and Technology, the Canada Council, and the National Endowment for the Arts. He is in production of a commission for the Los Angeles Metro Rail and recently completed Making Visible the Invisible for the Seattle Central Library, a permanent installlation that visually maps the circulation of books moving in and out of the library's collection

Roberto Simanowski talked with George Legrady about his work Making Visible the Invisible, about the revelation and beautification of data, about the negotiation between artist and engineer in mapping art, and about the future of art.

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