or Riddling the Reader

by Bernd Wingert

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>1. Purposes and Research Context
>2. The Object of Study: "Quibbling" under Storyspace
>3. Study Design, Task, and Working Environment
>4. Results
--->4.1. Time Spent, Reading Motivation, and Reading Strategy
--->4.2. About the "Story
--->4.3. About the Reception
--->4.4. On Technology
>5. Outlook

This text was originally published in German in: Jakobs, Eva-Maria; Knorr, Dagmar; Pogner, Karl-Heinz (eds.) (1999): Textproduktion. HyperText, Text, KonText. Frankfurt/Main etc.: Lang 1999, pp. 55-72 [Textproduktion und Medium; Bd. 5].ISBN 3-631-34551-8. The author appreciates the translation by Ralph Friese (Research Center Karlsruhe) and as well the assistance of Ingrid von Berg (ITAS). - Design for the net by Roberto Simanowski.