Newsletter JULY '99
2/1999 (1.Jg. / Nr. 2) - ISSN 1617-6901

Creating, selling, and evaluating Hyperfiction - Interview with Mark Bernstein (English)

Bernstein might be considered the Gutenberg of Hypertext, and his company Eastgate Systems is considered the "primary source for serious hypertext". Roberto Simanowski talked to Bernstein about the present and future of hypertext, and about the task of its evaluation and publishing.

"Twilight, a Symphony" by Michael Joyce - Review (English)

Susana Pajares Tosca, editor of the Spanish online-journal "Hipertulia" reviews Michael Joyces "Twilight, a Symphony" and points out the splendid language and structure of this multimedial hyperfiction, which is telling a story about an American, who hides with his son (his mother has the custody), and a Polish political refugee, incurably ill and looking for Doctor Twilight, who practises euthanasia. "Upon this basic structure, Joyce builds an impressive scaffolding made up of voices,memories and thoughts that tells us about the eternal human themes, death and the search for the self."

"Vom Buch zum Internet?" by Nina Hautzinger - Review (German)

Anja Rau's review about Nina Hautzinger's bachelor-thesis "Vom Buch zum Internet? Eine Analyse der Auswirkungen hypertextueller Strukturen auf Text und Literatur" critics the lack of theoretical reflections, and contextualization of the texts under cosideration, and praises the courage to introduce the first extensive approach to digital literature.

Der Ruhm des Banalen, Panoptismus, Datenmüll und Prostitution (German)

An essay by Roberto Simanowski about web-diaries in Europe and America, about the exhibit, commercial, and opposional aspects of this deliberat exposure to the Big Brother's eys. Spanish readers may look for the Spanish transaltion in Hipertulia (http://www.ucm.es/info/especulo/hipertul/diarios/brief_03.htm)

Interview with Oliver Gassner (German)

Christiane Heibach's Interview mit Oliver Gassner, coordinator of the Ettlinger Internet-Literature-Competition 1999, talks about the competition, the criteria for evaluation, the characteristics of net-literature, and the issue of their commercialisation.

Susanne Berkenhegers "Zeit für die Bombe" - Review (German)

Roberto Simanowski's review on Susanne Berkenhegers "Zeit für die Bombe" (Pegasus-Pricewinner 1997) introduces this fanny hyperfiction, where Veronika brings a bomb to Moscow, where Vladimir wants to rescue the Russian soul. The review describes Berkenheger's refreshing play with the reader, who is first forced into the role of a murderer, but then remains unpunished.

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