Newsletter AUGUST '99
3/1999 (1.Jg. / Nr. 3) - ISSN 1617-6901

La Langue e(s)t la Parole - Mark Amerika's "Phon:e:me" (German)

Christiane Heibach discusses Amerika's attempt to turn an aesthetical theory into a piece of art, and takes his failure as a warning not to employ excessive self-reference in the field of netart.

Der tiefe Sinn des Banalen - "Die Aaleskorte der Ölig" (German)

Roberto Simanowski discovers in Dirk Günter's and Frank Klötken's "Die Aaleskorte der Ölig" (Pegasus-Pricewinner 1998) the hidden sense beneath banality. Simanowski explores the sexual connotations behind the story of selling an eel, presented in the aesthetics of uglyness. The excess of ways to navigate these 20 word-picture-units (6.9 billion) is revealed as an ironic discurse about the media itself and a hidden apotheosis of linear story telling.

cut&paste and plug&pay - Interview with Heiko Idensen (German)

Roberto Simanowski talked to German net-activist and theorist Heiko Idensen about the developement of net-culture, German research programs, the role of author and reader, the quality of net-literature, the institutionalisiation, and the role of American theory in the German discussion.


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