Newsletter OCTOBER '99
5/1999 (1.Jg. / Nr. 5) - ISSN 1617-6901

Literatur in der Informationsgesellschaft (German)

Friedrich W. Block questions whether books will survive the advance of digital media, uncovers the print origins of the aesthetics of such digital media as hyperfiction and New Media Poetry, and examines how these new media may serve aesthetic aims. [>>>Abstract]

1. Ettlinger Internet-Literaturwettbewerb 1999 (German)

A short remark on the 1. Ettlinger Internet-Literaturwettbewerb 1999 lists the prizewinners and links to their projects as well to the judges' address.

Award-Nepotismus. Ich preise, also bin ich (German)

Roberto Simanowski does not discuss how prizes are awarded, but rather examines the proliferation of awards on the net created, offered, and thankfully accepted by private persons.

"Assoziations-Blaster" - by Alvar Freudes und Dragan Espenschied (German)

Roberto Simanowski reviews this interactive writingproject (prizewinner of the '99 Ettlingen net-literature competition) reports one reader's experience with this piece of collaborative writing and examines the following issues: the fetishism of association as a competitive principle in the information age; an analogy between this writing project and Jean Paul's idea of an all-embracing wit; the association of words as an association of authors.[>>>Abstract]

Hypertext-Conference - Interview with Francisco Ricardo (English)

Roberto Simanowski talked to Francisco Ricardo, chair of the conference's Publicity Commitee, about the conference's high registration fee and lack of philosophical-aesthetic contributions, the nature of the "Digital Arts and Culture" Conference, and the differences between the American and German approaches to digital literature.

Perspektiven einer Ästhetik der digitalen Literatur (German)

This essay is a theoretical approach to an aesthetics of digital literature by Roberto Simanowski. It presents a typology of digital literature, distinguishes between connotative and combinatoric openness with reference to Umberto Eco, discusses the references to postmodern and poststructural theory in the hypertext discourse, and applies criteria for an aesthetics of digital literature to several examples.[>>>Abstract]

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