Newsletter NOVEMBER '99
6/1999 (1.Jg. / Nr. 6) - ISSN 1617-6901

Hypertext im Diskurs (German)

Philipp Loeser explains why hypertext tends towards self-referentiality and tends towards utopian thinking, examines why hypertext is ahistorical, apolitical, and a social menace, and shows that it is a fallacy to think that hypertext's non-linearity somehow liberates the reader. This clever presentation invites your critical response [>>>Abstract].

Fluchtlinie (German)

Beat Suter traces the history of German hyperfiction. He evaluates the German Internet pioneers, looks back at some symposia and conferences, and provides a behind the scenes look at the Pegasus Wettbewerbe. It's a who's who and what's what of German hyperfiction. [>>>Abstract]

Mass Trans (German)

A short illustrated Hyperfiction about an afternoon in Manhattan

Web Cam with feedback (German)

Where your text is broadcast into an office

Solitaire (German)

A mixture of the solitary card game and the party game in which everybody adds a line to a story.

"Digital Troja" - Hypermedia by Fevci Konuk (German)

Roberto Simanowski explores the deep meaning and comic effects of animated pictures in this prizewinner of the '98 "net_award" (sponsored by the Saarländer Stadtwerke). The review discusses the impressive transformation of an image into a sculpture of Paris, that at one moment looks like Cary Grant and at another like Discobolus, considers the distortions produced by word, image, and sound, and examines how the submerged image of a corpse reveals that the author is not interested in serious discussion [>>>Abstract].

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