Newsletter MARCH '00
3/2000 (2.Jg. / Nr. 10) - ISSN 1617-6901

New additions to the Praxis-Pool

-seminar: Umgang mit Texten in hypermedialen Umgebungen (Berghoff / Schneider, Bielefeld)

Vienna 1900: An Interdisciplinary Website (German)
Richard T. Gray and Sabine Wilke (University of Washington, Seattle) have introduced the Vienna-Web as an example of the internet and hypertext in educational setting. They explain what the Vienna-Web is like, how it is produced and what it aims to archive.

Narrative as Puzzle!? - Interview with Marie-Laure Ryan (English)

Marie-Laure Ryan talkes with Roberto Simanowski about her new book "Narrative as Virtual Reality" (appearing December 2000), the concepts of immersion and interactivity, the difference between readers and players, the (lack of) pleasure of hyperfiction and the future of hyperfiction as hypermedia.

Marie-Laure Ryan: "Narrative as Virtual Reality" (English)

Paragraphes from the introduction to Marie-Laure Ryan's forthcoming book "Narrative as Virtual Reality: Immersion and Interactivity in Literature and Electronic Media"

Immersion and Interactivity in Hypertext (English)

Preview of chapter 8 of Marie-Laure Ryan's "Narrative as Virtual Reality". Ryan discusses three types of immersion (temporal, spatial, emotional), adresses the relation between hypertext and postmodernism, talks about the author's unreasonable demands on the reader, takes a look into the future of interactive textuality as conceptual art, and expects hypertext to have the same marginal impact in the history of narratives as 12-tone scale had in the history of music.

Reading and Thinking Hypertext - Interview with J. Yellowlees Douglas (English)

J. Yellowlees Douglas talks about her new book "End of Books or Books without End", about the aesthetic strenghts and limits of hypertext, and about her own hyperfiction "I Have Said Nothing".

The End of Books - or Books without End? (English)

Extended abstract of J. Yellowlees Douglas' new book about the marriage of fiction and digital technology: its concept, its problems, its future.

Literature on the Computer (German)

Introduction, table of content, and summary of Thomas Kamphusmann's doctoral thesis, which investigates digital texts with informatic criteria: saving, transmitting, processing.

Sex at any Price (German)

A comment by Roberto Simanowski on the way the German magazine SPIEGEL presents Hans Magnus Enzenzberger's essay about digital media, which is not about sex at all, though that seems to be the way the SPIEGEL set it up.

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