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Newsletter September '01
5/2001 (3.Jg. / Nr. 19) - ISSN 1617-6901
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Death of the reader! / Binary Idealism / "Untitled" by Squid Soup / Hacker-Ethik / Berlin Beta 2001 - Flash-Award / Commercial Attack on Collaborative Writing Project / Book by Ortmann: "Netz Literatur Projekt" / Stock Market and Literature / Leishman's "Redridinghood"Interview Schindler

Death of the author? Death of the reader! [English]

The author isn't as dead as widely supposed. At least not in the way hypertext theorist have misinterpreted Barthes and Foucault. But what about the reader? The reader disappears into the event of a collaborative authorship, resulting in text which represents the event of collaboration but is not as interesting as the text itself.

Screaming Screen and Binary Idealism [English/German]

A text about surfaces and screens, flat mice and done in cats, the longing for death in Internet and the "binary idealism", a little Plato, even Flusser. Does netart really lay in the code? Are hackers the real net artists? Is the visualization of the machine-code on the screen just as useless and inferior as the dull, boring piece of art in Plato's ideal state?

Untitled by Squid S o u p [German]

A navigation able 3-D-Environment, walls constructed out of letters, which one can walk through. A sound loop, from time to time some men mutter something about generic drugs. If you click the walls letters appear, making sound. Squid S o u p wants to convey "A feeling of being somewhere". A intriguing example of the aesthetics of the sensual.

Pekka Himanens "Die Hacker-Ethik und der Geist des Informations-Zeitalters" [German]

Hackers have a specific opinion about information and work. Information wants to be free, work seeks to be amusing. Pekka Himanen discusses this attitude as an alternative to Max Weber's Protestant ethic of work - work not as estrangement but as a way to find yourself. Himanen's argument fails to address Marx, indeed his attempt to introduce a new social concept lacks substantiation.
Comment by Oliver K.

Berlin Beta 2001 - Flash-Award. Interview with Laurence Rilly and Jens Schmidt [German]

In the field of digital aesthetics, one of the highlights of the Berlin Beta festival for digital media in 2001 was the presentation of the Flash-Awards accompanied by the jury's discussion of their evaluation. dichtung-digital presents the prize winner of section "Cartoon & Art Clips" and speaks with two judges about the aesthetics of Flash

Collaborative Writing Project and Commercial Attack [German]

A sortware firm used a collaborative writing project for self advertisement and was not prepared to deal with the repercussions. Instead, the firm demanded the provider shut down the project and proceeded to take legal action. The net community sent protest letters and prepared for another Etoy war. The firm tried to hack the server, didn't succeed and finally gave in. Oliver Gassner has the whole story.

Sabrina Ortmann's "Netz Literatur Projekt" [German]

The history of digital literature from 1960 till today. Ortman begins with many things and deals with a lot of terms: Netliterature, Hyperfiction, Computerliterature. Netliterature consist of collaborative writings, email literature, literary newsgroups and MUDs, Computerliterature is hyperfiction, multimedial and computer generated literature. Beat Suter has some strong objections.

Dax, Nemax ... Laix. Stock Market and Literature [German]

Imagine writers put their stories onto the stock market, readers influence whether the price rises or falls, critics speed up the development by certain actions and comments. When the stock market meets literature, does then literature take over?

Who eats whom? Donna Leishman's "Redridinghood" [German]

Leishman's rendition of Red Riding Hood is inundated with hybridizations of the traditional fairy-tale narrative: the wolf pre-existing as a picture in her diary, as a dealer at the "flesh market", an angel which does not stop to rescue her. However, once she has eaten the wolf she is pregnant with herself. Redridinghood from a feminist perspective? From the perspective of Flash rhetoric, in any case An impressive piece that doesn't lack taci elements.

Netart plugged. Interview with Annette Schindler [German]

The garage time is over. Netart pices are included in traditional museums and in special places of representation. One example for the latter is the forum for New Media [plug in] in Basel. Roberto Simanowski talked to Annette Schindler about the concept of curating Netart, as well as the subjects of an Indie culture "on hold" and the options of a micro economy.

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