The first in the Cybertext Yearbook Series, edited by Markku Eskelinen & Raine Koskimaa. To be published in december 2000

The articles in this yearbook take their cue from Espen Aarseth's definition of cybertext, describing and exploring the communicational strategies of dynamic texts. The cutting edge even the print heads can't avoid…

Table of Contents (provisional)

There is no easy way to repeat this - introduction by Markku Eskelinen & Raine Koskimaa

Allegories of space - Espen Aarseth

In the event of text - interview with John Cayley

Cybertext narratology - Markku Eskelinen

Ephemeral cybertexts: the game is over for good - Gonzalo Frasca

Reading victory garden - Raine Koskimaa

Gzigzag: a new platform for [hc]y[pb]ertext experiments - Tuomas Lukka (with Ted Nelson & al.)

The sense of technology in postmodernist poetry - interview with Brian McHale

The analog experience of digital culture - Stuart Moulthrop

Moving words - Janez Strehovec

Who is "you"? Cybertextual narration and the second person - Jill Walker


Approx. 160 pages
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