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Roberto Simanowski, Petra Missomelius: Grundlagen der Medienbildung. Szenarien und Potentiale | Petra Missomelius, Roberto Simanowski: Einleitung: Medienbildung im 21. Jahrhundert | Roberto Simanowski: Medienpädagogik und Medienwissenschaft. Theoretische Vorüberlegungen zu einer Praxis der Medienbildung | Petra Missomelius: Digitale Bildungskulturen: Lernen in Zeiten der Netzwerkmedien – Szenarien und Potentiale | Andreas Weich, Julius Othmer: Medienbildung und Medientheorie – Versuch eines medienwissenschaftlichen Beitrags | Malte Hagener: Ciné-Club und Vision Kino. Filmbildung in Deutschland und Frankreich | Katja Grashöfer: Wikipedias Wissen. Vom Wandel einer Mediengattung und ihren Möglichkeiten | Daniela Reimann: Künstlerisch-technische Medienbildung zur Förderung digitaler Medienkompetenz von Jugendlichen
Scott Rettberg, Patricia Tomaszek: Editorial Electronic Literature Communities, Part 2 | David M. Meurer: Towards Network Narrative: Electronic Literature, Communication Technologies, and Cultural Production | Loss Pequeño Glazier: Communities/Commons: A Snap Line of Digital Practice | Ottar Ormstad: From Concrete to Digital Poetry: DRIVING DOWN THE ROAD OF CONTINUITY? A Personal Report from Norway | Andrew Michael Roberts, Lisa Otty, Martin H. Fischer, Anna Katharina Schaffner: Creative Practice and Experimental Method in Electronic Literature and Human Experimental Psychology | Laura Borràs Castanyer: Growing up Digital: The Emergence of E-Lit Communities in Spain. The Case of Catalonia “And the Rest is Literature” | Yra van Dijk: Topdown Digital Literature: The Effects of Institutional Collaborations and Communities | Jerome Fletcher, Lisa Somma: Offshore of Writing: E-literature and the Island | Anders Sundnes Løvlie: flâneur, a walkthrough: Locative Literature as Participation and Play | Mark C. Marino, Rob Wittig: Netprov: Elements of an Emerging Form
Scott Rettberg, Patricia Tomaszek: Editorial Electronic Literature Communities, Part I | Simon Biggs, Penny Travlou: Distributed Authorship and Creative Communities | Serge Bouchardon: Digital Literature in France | Philippe Bootz: From OULIPO to Transitoire Observable The Evolution of French Digital Poetry | Scott Rettberg: Developing an Identity for the Field of Electronic Literature Reflections on the Electronic Literature Organization Archives | Jill Walker Rettberg: Electronic Literature Seen from a Distance The Beginnings of a Field | Rob Wittig: Shyness, Cushions, and Food Case Studies in American Creative Communities | Hans Kristian Rustad: A Short History of Electronic Literature and Communities in the Nordic Countries | Nick Montfort, Emily Short: Interactive Fiction Communities From Preservation through Promotion and Beyond | Donna Leishman: The Flash Community Implications for Post-Conceptualism | Stuart Moulthrop: Sc4nd1 in New Media

Issues 1999–2011

The archive includes all issues since 2012 as well as issues from 1999 through 2011. The 40 issues prior the relaunch of Dichtung Digital are accessible in their original design. They can be navigated issue by issue, through the four thematic sections in the menu (reviews, interviews, theory, container), or via the index of all authors and contributions (click on the 'magnifying glass' or 'search' icon).