Lorenza Mondada

Lorenza Mondada is professor for French and general linguistics at the University of Basel. Her research studies social interaction within an ethnomethodological and conversation analytic perspective. She is interested in how the situated organization of social interaction draws on multimodal resources such as, beside language, gesture, gaze, body posture, movements and objets manipulations. Her work has explored a diversity of settings (surgical theatres, architectural practices, meetings, call centres, family meals, etc.) on the basis of video recordings. She has extensively published in Journal of Pragmatics, Discourse Studies, Language in Society, ROLSI and co-edited various collective books (e.g. Knowledge in Interaction, with Stivers & Steensig, CUP, 2011; Mobility in Interaction, with Haddington & Nevile, De Gruyter, 2012; Multiactivity in social interaction, with Haddington,  Keisanen, & Neville, Benjamins 2014 ; Video at Work, with  Broth & Laurier, Routledge, 2014).


Nr. 44: Linguistics and the New Media